Why making mistakes isn’t bad

People often come down on themselves or other people hard when a mistake has been made, the bigger the mistake the more it hurts right? Perhaps we’re all looking at this wrong, making a mistake isn’t bad after all.

There’s the obvious point that “a wise man learns from his mistakes”, to which some of you might argue that “the wiser man learns from other peoples mistakes”.

It’s very true, that the experience you had will stick with you much more than if you were to fluke something or just cruise on by without knowing that what you did could have gone sour. It gets more ingrained, like anything else in life the negatives seem to stick in your head more than the positives, but there’s another reason I think making mistakes is good.

To have made a mistake, you must have made a decision. Decisions are good, decisions are what make things happen, big things. People that cruise on through life not making decisions will do just that, cruise on by. If you want to feel the highs, you need to make conscious decisions and work towards pulling it off.

If you succeed, you’ll get the gratification and reap the rewards and be motivated to aim higher, if you fail you’ll have learnt something along the way that you can use as ammo for your next try, with more desire to get it right.

Either way, the moral here is to make decisions.