Google Analytics rolling out real time stats

I can’t think how long I’ve been waiting for this to come out. Google Analytics has been the king of website stats for quite a while, there’s a lot of alternatives out there that are arguably more accurate, but for free nothing comes close to the elegance, flexibility, features and ease of use that Google offers, but it’s always had one massive flaw in my eyes, it’s got a lag of at least a few hours before hits show up.

Not any more, enter real time stats.

Yesterday, Google announced (via their blog) that they will be rolling out the new ‘real time’ view over the next few weeks to all users.

The number one thing that I like about this is that you’ll be able to see immediate feedback on your market, which in the social media world we live in now, is crucial.

Another huge plus is when you’re making tweaks to your Analytics setup, you’ll be able to see straight away if your changes have worked rather than having to wait a few hours only to realise that the changes you’ve made were wrong and aren’t tracking your goals correctly.

You need to be using the new Google Analytics to be able to see the real time view, if you don’t see an option for the real time view you may not have access yet. You can either wait patiently (yeah right) or head here to request early access: