10 Great Resources for Freelance Developers and Designers

1. The Roadmap To Becoming A Professional Freelance Web Designer (SmashingMagazine.com)

A fantastic and fully loaded list that will guide you from your first thoughts of freelancing, right through to how you should safely bill your clients.

2. 80+ Must-Read Design Blogs to Enhance your Creativity and your Career (CreativeOpera.com)

A huge list of blogs that will keep your creative juices flowing, organised into groups to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Caters for everything from design right through to development.

3. 50+ Tools To Make You a More Efficient & Organized Designer (DesignReviver.com)

Another great list of blogs and tools that are mainly for developers, that will both help you work faster and more efficiently.

4. How to become a freelance web developer (NetTuts.com)

This article touches on all the main points that you really need to think about before diving straight into starting freelance work, like where to start, how to bill, how to market yourself, and what to charge.

5. Freelance Switch (blog and forum)

This site should never be far from your mind, the blog is very frequently updated by other freelance developers with tips and experience stories that are well worth a read. There’s a forum for like minded freelancers that you should get involved in, and finally there’s the jobs board full of job opportunities.

6. GuerillaFreelancing.com

While not quite as fully rounded as freelanceswitch.com, this site is a fantastic resource of articles, tips and ideas for freelancers.

7. 53 Steps to follow if you want to become Freelance Web Designer/Developer (SpeckyBoy.com)

Quite a large list of items you should consider before making the full switch over, for the items that aren’t quite so straight forward there’s often a link for further reading should you need it.

8. FreelanceFolder.com

A similar site to freelanceswitch.com, this site contains a blog, forum, and jobs board dedicated to freelancing.

9. 10 “Nos” for Freelancers (WakeupLater.com)

When starting out, it’s easy to take shortcuts to get the job, but this article points out what you should never compromise on.

10. Rockstar Freelancer eBook (RockablePress.com)

Saving the best until last, Rockstar Freelancer is a brilliant 200+ page eBook which goes into detail on every aspect you can think of whether you are just starting to think about freelancing, or have already made the move and want to sharpen your processes. At $29, it’s a tiny investment to make in yourself and getting things right.