Holy crap, I’m 28 tomorrow

It’s weird, every year seems to just… happen, I still remember putting together invites for my 21st. As possibly scary as the next couple of years might be from what’s in the pipe-works at the moment, I’ve got a good feeling about…

The biggest piece of advice that I would give an upcoming designer comes in a package based from the little things that I have learned over my short career as a designer. These would be perfect for someone just starting out: Don’t undervalue your work. Seek criticism, not praise. Always keep learning & don’t be a static learner: do this by reading books, magazines, blogs and by practising. Collect & share things. Teach others. Never give up. Keep practising. Again, keep practising.

Jacob Cass

Web Rebels Conference Videos

The folks that organised the Web Rebels conference have bene good enough to upload 16 talks from the conference to Vimeo. The content is great stuff for web developers, with topics ranging from the guts of a billion dollar app,…

Watching the transit of Venus across the face of the sun puts things into perspective for me a bit. To see the size of a plant (albeit slightly smaller than our own) be dwarfed by the sun, then knowing there are things out there that make the sun look like a spec comparatively, then coming back to thinking about how small your immediate environment is in the grand scheme of things… 100% believe there has to be something else out there, it would be ridiculous to think we’re alone.