Hey, I’m a Melbourne based developer that has worked exclusively in the web since finishing school and completing a Bachelor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Swinburne University of IT.

I worked for Melbourne based Salsa Internet for around 4 years before deciding to take the plunge into the world of freelance to give me the extra freedom to be able to work on really exciting projects and be able to put my full self into them, not having to work to somebody else’s watch.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have myself and my work covered in some high profile publications like TechCrunch, BusinessWeek, OneForty, CNET, Digital Marketing Institute and bunch of others.

The biggest show piece so far is TwitHawk which has been featured on sites across the globe since its launch back in Feb 2009, you can see some of the impressive press it’s received on the press page for TwitHawk. At last check, the site had been used in 176 countries, and 109 languages. I sold TwitHawk in July of 2012 so I could give more focus to a new startup I’m working on at VentureCraft.

At VentureCraft we’re focusing on making products to help people get things done quickly, easily, and get on with their day so they can focus on what’s important to their business. If you’d like to join or invest in VentureCraft, hit me up.

Other projects can be seen on the portfolio page.